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Cover design and layout for travel humor anthology, Happily Ever AftermathNew Orleans, LA. (2019)
Cover design and layout for the second release of the poetry/photography book, These are the Rooms to my Mother’s House, New Orleans, LA. (2016)
Cover design for instructional book of photography, Through the Lens by Gary Michael SmithNew Orleans, LA. (2009)

Layout and design of Southern Oregon arts and culture magazine, Artisan’s AlmanacIssue #2Klamath Falls, OR. (2012)
Layout and design of Southern Oregon arts and culture magazine, Artisan’s AlmanacIssue #1Klamath Falls, OR. (2010)
Cover design for 4th of July edition of Basin Business, a publication of the Klamath County Chamber of CommerceKlamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Graphic designer for six newspaper conglomerate in Southern Alabama, Gulf Coast Newspapers (Fairhope Courier), Fairhope, AL. (2007)

Logo, post-cards, T-Shirts, CD covers, posters, program and website for Ice Scream Theater, New Orleans, LA (2013-2017)
Logo, posters, tickets, fliers and posters for In the Company of Killjoys, a Christmas playKlamath Falls, OR. (2010)

Rack Card for Bike Easy’s Bicycle Second Line Fundraiser, New Orleans, LA. (2014)
Logo, banners, newspaper/magazine ads, coloring sheets, rack cards, stickers, posters, social media and website for interactive art excursion, Artventure, Klamath Falls, OR. (2011)
Newspaper/magazine ads, event schedule, website and fliers for Klamath Blues Society’s Blues Festival, Klamath Falls, OR. (2008 – 2011)
Poster, event schedule, power-point promo, website, newspaper/magazine ads, postcards and PR for a festival to honor area Veteran’s: Red, White, and Blue – Forever, Thank You, Klamath Falls, OR. (2010)
Logo, newspaper/magazine ads, signage, posters, social media and website for the exhibit, The Traveling New Orleans Show, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Logo, newspaper/magazine ads, signage, posters, social media and website for the exhibit, Graphic Design as Art Form, Klamath Falls, OR. (2008)
Logo, banners, newspaper/magazine ads, car magnets, rack cards, business cards, posters, event schedule, tickets, social media and website for van tour, Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours, Klamath Falls, OR. (2007 – 2009)

Logo, banner, newspaper/magazine ads, DVD cover, rack cards, posters and social media for KU STORIES documentary, Klamath Falls, OR. (2011)
DVD cover, post-cards, and posters for Last comedic film short, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)

Multiple logos, banners, newspaper/magazine ads, signage, rack-cards, business cards, posters, t-shirts stickers, magnets, social media, videography and web maintenance for art group, The Creativity Collective. Klamath Falls, OR and New Orleans, LA. (2007 – 2018)
Logo, rack card, promotional flier and website for New Orleans-based photographer, Mike Goetz Productions (2016-2017)
Logo, banners, newspaper/magazine ads, business cards, trade-show materials, rack-cards, signage, posters, social media and website for the graphic design company, Optilux Design and AdvertisingKlamath Falls, OR. (2007 – 2011)
Website mockup for green landscaping concept, Creative Cultivations, Klamath Falls, OR. (2010)
Website for new/used trailer retailer and body shop, Frontier Trailers, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009 – 2012)
Web design for HUD housing agency, Klamath Housing Authority, Klamath Falls, OR. (2008 – 2011)
Poster, rack cards, display boards for beauty product line, Jordan’s Essentials, Klamath Falls, OR. (2010 – 2011)
Logo, banner, webpage and rack cards for networking group, Innovative Women, Klamath Falls, OR. (2010 – 2011)
Ad design for Dynasty Restaurant and Lounge, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009 – 2011)
Website and rack cards for Shasta Acupuncture, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009 -2010)
Logo, business cards, brochures and website for Specialized Lumber, Klamath Falls, OR. (2008 – 2010)
Logo, website, and Facebook for proposed Veteran’s Home in Klamath Falls, OR. (2010)
Website for Wubbas BBQ and Catering, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009 – 2010)
Logo, posters and print ads for Arts Kitchen Cafe, Klamath Falls, OR. (2010)
Rack and business cards for Woodshack Bakery, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Fact sheet and rack cards for real estate agent, Wendi Roncoe, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Menus, business cards and brochure for Basin Martini Bar, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Menus and brochure for The Mercury martini bar, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Corporate history and web design for Mandina’s Restaurant, New Orleans, LA. (2007)
Magazine ads and fliers for bar, Jesse’s Cold Hole, Magnolia Springs, AL. (2006)
Catering packets, brochures and menus for Jesse’s, Magnolia Springs, AL. (2006)
Poster, flier and tickets for Jesse’s Wine Club, Magnolia Springs, AL. (2006)
To-go menu for Oak Street Cafe, New Orleans, LA. (2006)

Campaign rack cards, postcards and web design for the re-election campaign for Mayor, Todd Kellstrom, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Website for city council member, Trish Seiler. (2009)

Logo, band posters and CD covers for space-pop act, Vinylux, New Orleans, LA. (2004 – 2018)
Logo design, posters and website for the entertainer, Haley Ray, Klamath Falls, OR. (2009)
Logo, website, banner and business cards for Irish folk singer, Wild Irish Gerry, Klamath Falls, OR (2006)
Logo, band posters and CD covers for the band, Hydraulis, New Orleans, LA. (2003)

“Mother by Choice, Mother for Choice” short sleeve T-Shirt – multiple colors (2019)
“When Life Gives You Phlegm, Make Phlegmonade” T-Shirt – multiple colors (2018)
“Mother by and for Choice” T-Shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, and raglan shirt – multiple colors (2018)
“Honoring my Ancestors with Action, Register and Vote” T-Shirt – multiple colors (2018)
“Honoring my Ancestors with Action, Rosa Parks” T-Shirt – multiple colors (2018)

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