BOO thriller screenplay



A female contractor moves to post-Katrina New Orleans to flip a blighted house only to be terrorized by child ghosts and hostile neighbors. What happens when she is impregnated by the house she is renovating?



A third miscarriage shatters Mae Sample’s marriage. Abandoned as “damaged property” and “uninhabitable,” the young contractor invests in the town of blight: post-Katrina New Orleans. With the baby’s savings, she buys a Central City mansionrumored to have once been a brothela dilapidated house the neighbors lovingly refer to as Boo.

She is unwelcome in the African American neighborhood to everyone except Jacob Joiner, a French Quarter pastry chef with twin boys. He is so smitten with Mae and her desire to save “Boo” that he offers to help her. It is this maternal act of care that awakens something waiting in the house for nearly a century.

As Mae flips the house, child haunts and hostile neighbors terrorize her. Her tires are slashed. The brothel is vandalized. Dreams of a young nurse haunt her. Coat hangers bend themselves into hooks. Sometimes the apparitions are playful, sometimes aggressive, sometimes fantastical.

After finding a shrine of children’s toys in her bathroom, Mae accepts the help of the charming father. Their comedic banter shows an undeniable chemistry. Mae and Jacob complete the house, but when she tries to leave, an apparition assaults her and fire damages the house.

This lands Mae in the hospital where learns that she is pregnant, however impossible. Someone wants something very specific from Mae… and with Mae’s history, the baby’s fate is sealed. Authorities investigate Mae for arson. Her meddling husband orders a demolition to avoid liability. With the clock ticking, Mae must uncover and bring closure to a triple tragedy that occurred during the city’s seedy 20’s. Will this be enough to salvage her house and save her unborn child?

Boo is a redemption tale with strong female roles, dynamic subplots, and gentle humor.

Rosemary’s Baby meets The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


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