HAPPILY EVER AFTERMATH travel memoir with photography


happily Ever Aftermath Bio Photo

If Erma Bombeck, David Sedaris, and Chelsea Handler had a threesome, that awkward love child would be this book!

Happily Ever Aftermath is the slap-stick autobiography about a single mother and her son who are bent on seeing the world, traveling from Alaska to Bavaria in 25 stories that take the boy from conception to eighteen-years-old.

Get lost with Soto in the projects of Thailand in “The Palace.” Find out what happens when a whirlwind trip to Anchorage, Alaska ends strangely in “Wallflower at the Orgy. ” Follow the duo through gaseous Germany and flammable France in “Bavarian Flatulence.” In “Belated Hurricane Evacuation,” the duo evacuates New Orleans twelve hours before Hurricane Katrina landfall. Full-color photos accompany their madcap explorations.

Happily Ever Aftermath accounts a mother and son’s low-income pilgrimage with terrible ideas, tender moments, and terrific laughs. COMING SOON!

Excerpt from travel essay, “Bohemian Graveyard Shift” by C.M. Soto