Music video for, “These are the Rooms to my Mother’s House,” with lyrics from the poetry chapbook of the same name was featured in the autobiographical multimedia musical, Ice Scream Theater by C.M. Soto. Starring Gwynneth Stier

Field of Screams promo video – Videographer for controversial haunted house in collaboration with The Gems baseball team in Klamath Falls, OR (2011)

Promotional video for Team Coven. This New Orleans all female comedy troupe focuses on improving their community by combining comedy with philanthropy. 2nd videographer, interviewer, coeditor. (2019)

Promotional video for RHINO Contemporary Crafts Gallery and non-profit co-op in New Orleans. 2nd videographer, interviewer, coeditor. (2019)

2-camera shoot and edit of live band performance, Malevitus live at DBA, New Orleans. 2nd videographer, coeditor. (2019)

1-camera shoot of live band performance: Shark Attack!! Live at Sidney’s Saloon, New Orleans. 2nd videographer, coeditor. (2019)