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Ice Scream Theater: multimedia musical in 1 act. (2004 – 2018)
Rockabye: domestic tragedy in 2 acts. (1995 – 2015)
The Company of Killjoys: dark Christmas comedy in 2 acts (1997)
Good Enough Girl: black-comedy in 2 acts. (1996)
Begging Man with Woman who is Clearly Bored: dark romantic comedy in 2 acts. (1995)
Generations: supernatural-drama in 2 acts. (1994)
Liberated Chicken: absurdist comedy in 1 act. (1994) published in literary zine, Caveat Lector Winter 2016

Maple Leaf Rag Anthology, “Ripened,” Winter 2019
Maple Leaf Rag VI, “Puzzle Piecing,” Winter 2018
Lilith, “Cinderella’s Bunions,” 2000
Abbey #87, “Dried Flowers.” 1999
Adobe Abalone, “Puzzle Piecing.” 1996
Adobe Abalone, “Afraid of the Wake,” “Telefiction.” 1996
Allegheny Review, “Philip Levine, My Lover,” 1995
Allegheny Review, “Wombling,” 1996
Alternative Arts Lit Magazine, “Eve as an Oak Tree,” 1996
American Poets and Poetry, “Puzzle Piecing,” April 1999
Amherst Review, “Storage,” 1999
Angelflesh 12, “Dried Flowers,” 1999
Anthology, “Puzzle Piecing,” 1999
Arnazella, “These are the Rooms to my Mother’s House,” 2000
Arnazella, “Soured Milk,” 1998
Arnazella, “Advocate of Tender,” “Keeper of the Lops,” 1995
Artisan’s Almanac, “Eldorado Street” 2010
Beggar’s Press, “Acne in the Strangest Places,” ” Wombling.” 1996
Big Scream 34, “Philip Levine, my Lover,” 1996
Black Spring Press, “Purgetory.” 1999
Blind Man’s Rainbow, “Afraid of the Wake,” “Dried Flowers.” 1999
Blood and Fire Review, “Dried Flowers,” 1999
Brown Bottle, “Notes on an Autopsy.” 1999
Cathartic, “Witch Exhibit,” 1994
Caveat Lector, “Trimming the Dead,” Summer 1995
Cedar Hill Review, “Ode to a Witch Doctor,” “Easy,” Fall 2000
Cold Mountain Review, “Easy,” “Witch Exhibit,” “Keeper of the Lops,” “Trimming the Dead,” 2000
Curriculum Vitae, “Storage.” 1995
Eidos, “Psalm of Sacrilege,” Winter 1995
Feh!, “The Curse,” 1995
First and Hope, “The Waltz,” “To my Toenails,” “Philip Levine, my Lover.” 1995
Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, “The Curse,” May 1995
Intrepid, “Keeper of the Lops,” 1995
National Poetry Forum, “Advocate of Tender” 1996
Onionhead, “Witch Exhibit.” 1995
Opus Literary Review, “Grandma Don’t Like” 1995
Oregon East, “Gifts,” 1998
Oregon East, “Eldorado Street,” “Exceptional Boy,” 1996
Oregon East, “Lice,” “Fishing Mr. Cognito,” 1995
Outside Lining Death Batch, “Plaid Bathrobe Bigfoot,”  “Lice,” “Grandma don’t Like,” “Fuel,” “The Curse.” 1995
Poetry Forum Journal, “To my Toenails,” Fall 1995
Prairie Dog, “Grandma Don’t Like.” 1995
Purple Monkey, “Grandma Don’t Like,” Spring 1995
Running Deer Press“Salvageables,” “Landing.” 1996
Slightly West, “Plaid Bathrobe Bigfoot.” Winter 1996
Sierra Nevada College Anthology, “Plaid Bathrobe Bigfoot.” 1996
South Ash Press, “Landing.” September 1995
South Ash Press, “The Wickershams in Plate Glass.” October 1995
Suburban Wilderness Press“From this Barren Womb unto a Husband.” 1995
Ten and Six, “Two,” “Salvageables.” 1995
Verve, “Landing.” 1995
Volume Number 22 – Childhood, “Salvageables.” 1996
Yesterday’s Magazette, “A Woman in Submission.” 1997

Boo: supernatural drama. (2019)
Mark of the Beast: big-budget science-fiction (concept by Wally Barr). (2006)
The Chain: romantic thriller. (1998)
The End: teen-thriller. (1997)

Operation manual, policies, forms and bylaws for The Creativity Collective. (2007 – 2018)
Grant for Artventure, arts expedition and festival. AWARDED $4800. (2011)
501c3 for multidisciplinary arts council, The Creativity Collective. AWARDED. (2011)
Liquor control plan for Contemporary Arts Kitchen, performance art venue. AWARDED. (2010)
Grant for Legacy of Bravery, a van-tour highlighting veterans memorials. AWARDED $3000. (2009)
Business plan for Bang, a firework theme night-club and bar. (2005)

Artisan’s Almanac: Issue #2: lead writer for a Southern Oregon arts and culture magazine. (2011-2012)
• “Festivals of the Arts District”
• “15 Bands for 15 Venues”
• “New Resident Resource Guide”
Artisan’s Almanac: Issue #1: lead writer for a Southern Oregon arts and culture magazine. (2010-2011)
• “Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours”
• “Top 3 Film Locations in Klamath County”
• “Klamath County Event Schedule”
• “KU STORIES Documentary Released”
• “Storyorb Creative Writing Events”

Creativity Collective: web-writing for multidisciplinary artist council. (2007 – 2018)
Frontier Trailers: web-writing for new/used trailer store. (2009 – 2012)
Klamath Housing Authority: web-writing for HUD housing agency. (2008 – 2011)
Klamath Blues Society: web-writing for Blues association. (2008 – 2011)
Optilux Design: web-writing for graphic design company. (2007 – 2011)
Bio for Irish folk singer, Wild Irish Gerry. (2008)
Corporate history for century-old restaurant, Mandina’s website. (2007)
Additional print campaigns: menus, brochures, fliers, ads, rack cards, posters and more (1997 – 2018)

“Bridal Crawl fundraiser to benefit Covenant House.” (2014)
“Bridal Crawl fundraiser to benefit Cafe Reconcile.” (2013)
“Field of Screams haunted house opens to the public.” (2011)
“Season’s Change, heating and air conditioning expands.” (2011)
“Innovative Women networking group launches.” (2010 – 2011)
“Snowflake Festival events announced.” (2010)
“New arts classes announced at the Contemporary Arts Kitchen.” (2009 – 2010)
“Red, White and Blue–Forever, Thank You festival to honor area veterans.” (2010)
“Passionlab gallery opens with ten artists.” (2010)
“Music venue, Zeallab opens with DJs and live music.” (2009)

Primary Songwriter for Vuzz, Trip-Pop duo (2017 – 2018)
Only Songwriter for Vinylux, space-pop art-house act. (2006 – 2018)
Primary songwriter for Hydraulis, shoegazer rock band. (2005 – 2006)
Primary songwriter for Orobouras, tribal goth band. (2004 – 2005)

Happily Ever Aftermath: travel memoir with accompanying photos. (2019)
These are the Rooms to my Mother’s House: compilation of previously published poetry with photos. (2004, 2013)
Shadowboxes, a biographical novella based on the interviews of WWII survivors, Ed and Rusty Ybarra. (2003)

Technical/creative writing workshops and conferences in Los Angeles and New Orleans. (1995 – 2002)
Graduate studies in Film and Drama Communications, University of New Orleans. (1995 – 1996)
BA in English/Writing from Eastern Oregon University. (1996)

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